Top 5 WORST Movies I saw in 2020

The penultimate list of the year is here, and in this one I am going to talk about the 5 worst films I saw this past year. And boy were there some real stinkers this year. I guess there always are, I have just watched a lt more than usual this year, so have been exposed to way more films than I have in previous years. This list is purely my own opinion, and I ma sorry if I end up hating one of your favourite films of the year, but wouldn’t life be boring if we all liked exactly the same thing?

Leave me your worst movie of the year in the comments, and withut further ado, here are the five films I wish I could erase from my brain forever:

5. Doolittle

What made me so sad about this film, was that RDJ was legitimately the worst part of it. The accent he tries to put on is almost unidentifiable, though I think it is meant to be Scottish? But it is harsh on the ears for the entire runtime.

Adding Dragons to the mix just seemed like a narrative stretch, and the less said about the colonoscopy the better, like, who decided that was a good plot point??

There is a crazy about of suspension of belief needed and I just am so upset by how much this one fell flat.

4. Artemis Fowl

I wonder how many more sub-average YA Book adaptions we are going to have to sit through, before movie studios start being a little more selective with the material they choose to out out. I was part of the Twilight Generation, I have seen some bad adaptions in my time. This one took the cake.

It was basically a huge info dump, as first novels in a series frequently are, but that doesn’t make up for it’s very thin plot. The main character is completely insufferable, and I just really didn’t like him at all. And was yet another role for Dame Judy Dench that is so far beneath her, and so underwhelming, that I think I suffered second hand embarrassment for her.

3. After We Collided

Yet another bad book adaption.

Oh My Lord. Everything about this film offended me. The acting was spotty at best. They tried to make this really steamy, sexy, angsty romance, and instead it was just a borderline abusive relationship, and I was astounded at every turn that someone watched this and thought, yes! That is hot! Nothing here was even a little sexy.

I am normally a sucker for a brooding bad boy, but Hardin was just the worst. Whiny, clingy, possessive, I just could not get behind this relationship. I was screaming at her to get the hell out of there. And for a romance film, that is not the reaction I think they are going for.

2. Sacrilege

This was one of the last films I saw in the cinema this year before the first lockdown back in March, and I was worried for the whole year, that this was going to be my lasting impression of cinemas in 2020.

I am usually a fan of Horror B Movies, they are always good for a laugh, but if I would have paid full price for a ticket for this instead of using my Unlimited card, I would have been pissed.

Amateur performances, terrible effects, a totally unnecessary lesbian sex scene just for giggles, this was a low budget horror movie I wish I had skipped.

1. Hubie Halloween

I think everything that could be said about this film has already been said a hundred times already this year.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Uncut Gems when it came out at the beginning of the year, but I was excited to see Adam Sandler trying a different kind of role. Then he gave us Hubie Halloween, and it was like he felt he needed to over compensate for Uncut Gems by making this film as ridiculous as humanly possible.

Rife with bulling, lewd humour, over the top acting, I found very little like in this film.

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