Babyteeth (2020) Review

I missed this one at the cinema, and I am kind glad coz I would have sobbed had I seen this on a big screen.

Certificate: 15

Director: Shannon Murphy

Screenwriter: Rita Kalnejais

Starring: Eliza Scanlen, Michelle Lotters, Toby Wallace

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Runtime: 118 Minutes

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

When seriously ill teenager Milla falls madly in love with small time drug dealer Moses, it’s her parents’ worst nightmare. But as Milla’s first brush with love brings her a new lust for life, things get messy and traditional morals go out the window. Milla soon shows everyone in her orbit – her parents, Moses, a sensitive music teacher, a budding child violinist, and a disarmingly honest pregnant neighbour – how to live like you have nothing to lose. What might have been a disaster for the Finlay family instead leads to letting go and finding grace in the glorious chaos of life. – From IMDB

This was…not at all what I was expecting.  I never thought this film would captivate my attention the way that it did.  Movies that focus around terminally ill teenagers are usually not my jam at all, they are usually overly bright and optimistic and try to hard to romanticize what living with a terminal illness is really like.  Heads Up! This film does not do that!  If you are sensitive about this kid of topic, or about addiction or drug use, then this is probably not the film for you.

All the performances here are amazing, full of emotion, which is what the film needed with it’s small, focussed cast of characters.  But Eliza Scanlen and Toby Wallace really are spectacular here.  I don’t why there performances aren’t getting more attention.  They have terrific chemistry on screen, and really bring everything to their roles here.

I do feel like this film was maybe a little long.  Especially for a film with this kind of story where you are pretty sure the entire time you know how the film is going to end.  It’s runtime didn’t at all take away from how engrossed I was in the story, I loved it a whole lot, but I think some parts where drawn out more than necessary and that one or two of the side characters maybe weren’t needed.

I am also a little bummed that we didn’t get to see more or Moses’ backstory.  He was such a pivotal part of the story and yet we are only given bits and pieces of his story really.  I felt like he had a lot more story to give and it was a little disappointing we got so little of it.

Be wary of it’s hard subject matter, but if this is a film that you missed earlier last year, then I highly recommend that you take the time to see it.

Babyteeth is streaming on Netflix now.

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  1. I’m truly baffled that people loved this one so much. The condoning of a relationship between a child & an adult just angered me more than anything. I feel like I watched a different movie sometimes.. hahahahahah but again, everyone gets their own opinion. 🙂

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