Top 5 BEST films of 2020

And here it is, finally my countdown of my top 5 favourite films I saw, that were released in 2020. These are the films that really made a lasting impression on me. Three of the five are Court-Room dramas, which this year has turned out to be one of my favourite kinds of films. Anyway, here is the list, and when you are done reading, leave your top films of last year.

5. Just Mercy

One of the very first films I saw last year, and still one of the best that I saw all year. As I said above, court-room dramas are fast becoming one of my favourite genres, and when that is teamed up with the fantastic cast that this film had, there was no way that I wasn’t going to absolutely love this.

Little did we know back in January how prevalent the discussion around Black Rights and the Death Penalty was going to become in 2020, so if you missed this film early in the year, I urge you to go back and check it out. It is impactful, important, and at times heart-breaking. Plus one of Michael B Jordan’s best performances to date in my opinion.

4. Dark Waters

OK, So Mark Ruffalo…Big fan. Just thought I would get that out there before we start. I actually think I like his performances outside of the MCU more than his portrayal of Bruce Banner. He is great dramatic actor, and it was great here to see him be able to stretch his acting legs.

The runtime is a little long, but because the film covers such a long period of time, we really get to know the characters and see how the events of the film effect everyone involved. A really phenomenal piece of character study.

3. The Invisible Man

I have already discussed how much I loved this film in my most surprising films of the year list, but it is so good I think it deserves to be mentioned again.

Not only is this film genuinely terrifying, with really clever uses of the camera to build suspense and a really unsettling feeling, even when there was nothing to be seen on screen.

And enough people have raved about how amazing Elizabeth Moss’ performance is in this film that I don;t really think I need to do it again but just take mine and everyone else’s word for it when I say that it worth seeing this film just to watch her amazing performance.

2. Trial of the Chicago 7

The third and final Court Room Drama on this list I promise. But wow this was a real amazing piece of film-making. I am a real sucker for any film with a tag line that says ‘Based on a True Story’ and this one was better than a lot.

It manages to keep a really fine balance between it’s pretty serious subject matter and a script that could be pretty humorous in places. There is lot of chatter about an Oscar nomination for SBC for his role in this film and I must say, it’s a good shout. Far and away better than his all out comedic performances, I thought he was just great here. But the entire cast of this film is just amazing. If you haven’t seen this one yet, definitely check it out.

1. Parasite

When a film wins two Oscars and cleans up at basically every other award ceremony in the season, I don’t think there is much else a modest little blog like mine can really say to recommend it.

It is one of the most crazily suspenseful films I have ever seen, it is funny and completely bonkers and takes about a thousand really unexpected turns throughout.

It earned every single one of it’s award nods and there is reason that you haven’t seen this one yet, you should.

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