Film Archive: #FollowMe (2019)

Found Footage Films can be a shocking mess.  This one was actually pretty good all things considered, took its time to get to the scary parts though.

Certificate: 15

Director: Sam Hardy

Screenwriter: Sam Hardy

Starring: Kara Kingsward-Hughes, Scarlett Davies, Maria Louis

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Runtime: 90 Minutes

Language: English

Rating: 2 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

Three best friends, one a modestly successful Youtuber, head off on holiday to California to attend a meet and greet event in San Francisco.  Friendships are tested and arguments are had, as always happens on these types of ‘Girls Holidays’ but then things start to get creepy.  Someone starts leaving notes for the girls and sending them ominous text messages, someone is following them.  It all comes to a head in remote motel in the desert after their stalker finally catches up with them.

Found Footage films can be incredibly hit or miss.  Ever since the phenomenon that was ‘The Blair Witch Project’ everyone has tried to recapture that level of hype and discussion.  Most of them though fall woefully flat.  And while this film doesn’t live up to that hype whatsoever, it does a pretty good job of not sucking.

The performances are believable and competent.  Though after a while the two best friends really do start to get a little annoying.  Anyone who has spent anytime on social media, or in any part of London knows that people that say ‘Babe’ every thirty seconds, and update their social media timeline just as often really do exist, but to have them as the focus of a film for 90 minutes is a little much.  Neither of them are particularly likeable, and I can’t say I was sad to see them meet their ends.

My main gripe with the film though was it’s pacing.  The first…Hour and ten minutes of the film are literally like watching a Youtubers vlog of their holiday in LA.  Nothing is happening, they are wondering around, seeing the sights, getting drunk and hooking up with random guys, nothing at all is happening.  Things only really start to link all together in the last twenty minutes or so when the killer finally makes his appearance.  And then it’s all over.  And as with all found footage films, the scenes you want to see, the action-packed ones, are filmed in the dark, with really shaking camera work.  So you really don’t get a lot of payoff for sitting through the vacation vlog portion of the film.

If found footage films are your thing fill your boots, this film is streaming for free right now on Amazon Prime UK.  Otherwise maybe give it a miss and watch something more your speed.

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