So, My Grandma’s a Lesbian (2021) Review

A little bit campy and a little bit cute, but mostly run of the mill.  And featuring one of the most unlikable main characters I have seen in a while.

Certificate: 15

Director: Ángeles Reiné

Screenwriter: Ángeles Reiné

Starring: Rosa Maria Sardà, Verónica Forqué, Ingrid García Jonsson

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Runtime: 94 Minutes

Language: Spanish

Rating: 2 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

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Eva is a Spanish successful lawyer who is promised to marry Stuart, heir of the aristocratic and wealthy clan Macdonald. But the same day that they announce the engagement, she receives a call phone of her grandmother Sofía to make another announcement: her incoming wedding with Celia, her lifelong friend. Worried that her new in-laws would not approve of her grandmother, Eva returns home to confront her.

My main issue with this film was that the main plot of this film is woefully misplaced.  The elderly couple, Celia and Sofia are by far the most interesting and most enjoyable aspect of this film.  And I assumed we would get a lot more of their story.  Instead, the main focus is actually on Eva, a rich young woman with aspirations to marry into an even richer Scottish Family.  Their conservative views mean that Eva is concerned they wont accept her, so instead of being an adult about it and talking it through, or ditching these clearly awful people, she goes to visit her grandmother to get her to cancel her wedding, so that Eva is able to have hers.  Not only is that a terrible decision, but it makes Eva into a really unlikable character.  And by the time she has a change of heart, it is too late and I no longer care about her character.

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The actual love story between Celia and Sofia is lovely.  Really sweet and enjoyable and I would rather have seen a film all about that to be honest.  They are the part of the story that you are going to hang around for.  Not the side stories, and certainly not the weird and predictable romance between Eva and Jorge.  Saw that coming a mile away and didn’t like it one bit.

The writing is mostly OK, but there are some scenes early on with Eva and her Scottish in laws that I thought had some very peculiar writing and acting going on.  There were also some odd editing choices, with some odd timing and too much use of the ‘fade to black’ thing.  A film with a great concept, but some poor execution in my opinion, it isn’t one that I would recommend.

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