Series Review: Wandavision Ep 4 – We Interrupt this Program… (2021)

Was expecting the eighties, instead we got some context and a bunch of links to the wider MCU, which to be honest was just as cool.

Certificate: 12

Director: Matt Shakman

Screenwriter: Jac Schaeffer

Starring: Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Kathryn Hahn

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, MCU

Runtime: 30 mins

Language: English

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl


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After things got crazy at the end of last weeks episode, we were all left with so many questions and theories as to what was going on.  This week we step away from the sitcom format of previous episodes and spend sometime out in the ‘real world’ catching up with what’s going on.  We see the effect that Hulks snap had on the world when we brought everyone back, we get some info on S.W.O.R.D and we finally see how Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis fit into the story, also how Monica Rambeau ended up in Westview.  Lots of info to digest and we finally start to see how this show is linked to the wider MCU.

OK, so I am going to try and disciss this episode without giving away too many details, as I want you all to find out about what is going on for yourselves, but it is safe to say that we geta few answers to some questions in this episode and welcome back a few familiar faces from the MCU as well.  It is clear that Darcy has been busy in the 6 years or so since we last saw her in Thor: The Dark World (closer to 10/11 years in the actual MCU if you count The Blip), she is now working with S.W.O.R.D. and is renowned enough to be called in to consult, who would have thought?!  Jimmy Woo, the detective in charge of Scott Lang now working for the FBI, and learning s few card tricks it seems. Both are still true to their characters as we know them, and they interact really well together, they were two great choices to bring into the show.

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We also get to see more of the interaction between Wanda and ‘Geraldine’ that happened at the end of last weeks episode that seem to throw into question exactly how much Wanda knows about her current situation, and how she ended up there.  Thanks to the investigative work of Agent Woo at the beginning of the episode we learn that something is clearly amiss with Westview, but it is looking more and more likely that Wanda may actually be the one at fault.  I had this theory from the beginning,  but I love how competently they are keeping the mystery under wraps, just giving hints of information every now and then.

I am interested to see where the story will go now that we have these little nuggets of information.  Next week should be the eighties episode I was expecting this week, so I am wondering is we will see Wanda back in the Sitcom character, or if we will continue to see her as we did this week, as part of the mastermind behind this reality?  I have too many thoughts to fit in this short review, but safe to say, I am loving this show a whole lot and cannot wait for the next episode!

‘Wandavision’ episodes 1-4 are streaming on Disney+ now!

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