All my Friends are Dead (2021) Review

A horror, comedy where we already know how it ends but not how it got there.  That’s what we spent the whole film waiting to find out.

Certificate: 15

Director: Jan Belcl

Screenwriter: Jan Belcl

Starring: Michal Meyer, Adam Woronowicz, Julia Wieniawa-Narkiewicz

Genre: Comedy, Crime

Runtime: 96 Minutes

Language: Polish

Rating: 2.5 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

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During the New Year’s Eve party of a bunch of friends, a series of crazy events brings out secrets, breaks hearts and leads to a shocking ending. – From IMDB

I don’t give an award for the most bizarre film of the year, but if I did, this would definitely be up there.  It starts off simply enough, with an average teenage party with drugs, sex and alcohol.  But then things get a little crazy and people start dying.  Now at the beginning of the film we see what the aftermath of this party looks like, too say that EVERYONE dies is not a spoiler, it is literally in the first two minutes of the film and in the title, so we know how the evening ends.  What we don’t know is what went so very wrong that this was the outcome.

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Like I said, this one is a slow burn, and you have to wait about an hour for things to really start coming unravelled, but from there it is a wild, crazy, non stop barrage of violence and death and a lot, and I mean a lot, of gratuitous sex I mean, there are two twins whose job in this movie I swear was to get it on with as many people as possible.  But once the violence and death start to happen, it really can get quite unsettling despite the humour.  We literally watch as everyone starts to come apart at the seams, the party devolving into a bloodbath.

The humour in this film really wasn’t too my taste a little too crude and sexual for my liking, but it did get a few chuckles.  If you found ‘American Pie’ or ‘Borat’ funny then this brand of humour might be for you.  But as discussed on this blog many times, I struggle with comedies quite a lot as it is and this kind of overly forced humour really isn’t my particular jam.

There is no real plot to mention, just a series of small interpersonal dramas that get way WAY out of hand.  But if horror/comedy is your thing, and you are looking for something to pass the time there are worse options available, I meant here are better ones too but…

‘All My Friends Are Dead’ is streaming now on Netflix.

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