The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Trailer Reaction

The Falcon and The Winter Solider is the second Disney+ show in Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it follows Sam and Bucky as they try to acclimatise to their roles now that they haven’t got Steve around to make them play nice with each other. We see that somehow Zemo has escaped from whatever prison he was being held in after the events of ‘Civil War’ and is still hell bent on ridding the world of superheroes. And we learn that the US government had their own ideas of who was going to take over the mantle of Captain America when Steve Rogers stepped down.

I didn’t even need another trailer to get me hyped for this show. The character interactions between Sam and Bucky have always been some of my favourites. They merely tolerated each other because they knew how much the other meant to Steve, and now that they don’t have Steve there to be the referee, I think that their funny and antagonising banter is going to go to whole new level, and there are several clips in the trailer that support that. But it also looks like they are going to learn how to work together, Bucky may be training Sam on how to use the Shield now that it has passed to him. I look forward to all of their interactions.

We still do not know much in the way of plot. A lot of the credited cast on IMDB still do not have their characters names showing, meaning that Marvel are playing this one characteristically close to their chests, and as we have seen in Wandavision recently, they are not afraid to pull a few surprises out of the bag as well. One returning character, Sharon Carter, makes a few short appearances in the trailer and while her role is largely unknown, I think it safe to assume she is going to get roped into whatever shenanigans the guys get themselves into. Zemo returns as, we assume the villain. for the show, but I have a sneaky suspicion he will not be working alone. We get a single shot of that icon purple mask in the trailer and the rest we have to wain for. Same as the blandly named US Agent. We know impressively little about his role in the show outside of the fact he was the governments choice to take up the job of Captain America, and we have seen very little footage of him in any promo material, so I am wondering of that is on purpose, and he has some huge role to play, or if he will end up not being that important at all.

Overall I think the trailer sets up a good idea of what we can expect from the show. Witty banter and childish jibes from out=r two leading guys. A lot of stunts and action sequences and a heck of a lot of mysteries to uncover.

Are you looking forward to this entry in Phase 4? What are you hoping to see happen in the show? What is your most anticipated Phase 4 Project? Let me know in the comments.

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