Spoiler Free Review: Wandavision Ep 8 – Previously On (2021)

I wasn’t prepared to be emotionally wreaked at 8am in the morning, but that’s what happened.  This episode is an acting masterclass!

Certificate: 12

Director: Matt Shakman

Screenwriter: Jac Schaeffer, Cameron Squires

Starring: Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Kathryn Hahn

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, MCU

Runtime: 35 mins

Language: English

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl


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As predicted, this weeks episode steps away from the Sitcom style of the previous episodes and we revert back to more of a standardly formatted show.  Agatha wants to know how Wanda has created Westview, and what the source of her power is.  So the two take a trip down memory lane and visit some important moments in Wanda’s past that help to explain how she found herself in her sitcom reality.  Don’t forget to stock around for the mid-credit scene too.  That’s going to be important.

This one was emotional guys.  I was getting choked up at multiple points and outright cried by the end.  Elizabeth Olsen is truly a powerhouse in this episode and we get to see just how good she is here.  Kathryn Hahn not to be outdone also brings a good deal of menace to the table and we finally get to see her stretch her acting muscles as Agatha.  The opening scene was haunting and a little scary, and Hahn did such a fantastic job.  Acting wise, this is some of the best hwe hae seen in the whole show, and some of the best from Olsen in her stint in the MCU.

So what did we actually learn this week?  We have found out how exactly Wanda found herself in Westview and why (Spoiler Alert, the why made me cry!) we find out how the hex was created and that some of the things we have been told throughout the show so far are not actually true.  So we don’t know exactly who we can trust.  This is further shown in the Mid-Credit scene, which will no doubt have a huge knock on effect for next weeks finale and I cannot wait to see what the outcome of this is. 

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A lot of the side characters were absent this week, as we saw no Darcy, Woo, Monica or even Westview’s version of Vision.  So I have no idea what they have been doing all this time, but I have no doubt it will all fit in next week.  We are also still waiting on Apparently 3 more MCU cameos, one of which I am assuming will be Dr Strange.  And the big mystery cameo that Paul Bettany has alluded to in interviews. So my guess, next weeks finale is going to be a doozy!

Wandavision episodes 1 -8 are streaming on Disney+ right now!

Please do not leave any spoiler content in the comments if you wish to discuss this weeks episode, I am happy to chat about it with anyone via twitter DMs etc, but please, not direct spoilers out in the open.  You wouldn’t want it spoiled for you, don’t spoil it for someone else.



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