Netflix Review: Super Me (2021)

Certificate: 12

Director: Zhang Chong

Screenwriter: Zhang Chong

Starring: Kevin Lee, Bingkun Cao, Shih-Chieh King

Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Runtime: 102 Minutes

Language: Mandarin

Rating: 2.5 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

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SANG Yu is so exhausted from trying to stay awake. Every time he closes his eyes, a demon chases and kills him in his dreams. One night SANG realizes he has a special power: he can bring treasures from his dreams into reality. Almost overnight, he becomes a rich man. But his wealth also attracts the attention of a ruthless gangster – Written by Fortissimo Films

The potential that this film had to be amazing was top tier.  I thought I knew where we were going, and I thought I knew what was going to happen.  But instead, things just kept getting weirder and weirder and more and more convenient things kept happening, and by two thirds of the way through, I was just rolling my eyes at the whole thing.

The main problem for me was the lack of any established ‘rules’ or explanation of the magic system in this world.  For the most part, things look to be the same as they are in present day China, but this one dude just randomly finds out that he as this weird ability to bring things out of his dreams, and that he can kind of control his dreams, in order to make sure that he can get the things he needs the most.  This would be a great an interesting discussion about greed and ego, if it wasn’t for the fact that this skill apparently has to limitations and until the third act, very little consequence.  So there is no real risk, and no threat for the majority of the film.

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That even goes for the fights with the demon.  He uses the ‘This is a dream’ clause to get out of ever really having to engage in a fight, so while the action sequences are really well shot and well choreographed, they are always way too short and unfulfilling.  The film also tries to weave a love story in there as well, which in the beginning was cute and awkward, but as soon as he started to win her over with his wealth and his fancy cars etc, I quickly lost interest.      

The cinematography though in this film is excellent.  Every shot is well thought out and some of the transitions and tracking shots are wonderful.  I may not have been overly convinced by the story, but I was completely enthralled by the way the film looked.  The CGI also was pretty good, especially in the dream sequences.

In short I think the film tries to achieve too much, and does go deep enough into any of them to really pull of any of them well.  Entertaining enough if you have some spare time and nothing to watch, but not one I will recommend you run out and watch immediately.

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