Spoiler Free Review: Loki Ep 1: Glorious Purpose (2021)

Certificate: 12

Director: Kate Herron

Screenwriter: Michael Waldron, Tom Kauffman

Starring: Tom Hiddleston, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Owen Wilson

Genre: Action, Adventure, MCU

Runtime: 50 mins

Language: English

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

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After escaping the Avengers with the tesseract in the events of Avengers: Endgame, Loki is arrested by the Time Variance Authority for deviating from his timeline.  Once taken to their HQ, he is met by the mysterious Agent Mobius, who appears to have a special task for him.

I think by this point, almost 13 years in, I should stop being surprised that the crazy ideas put out by the creators of the MCU always seem to subvert my expectations.  It happened with Ant Man, Dr Strange, Guardians, Wandavision, and now again with Loki.  I keep expecting them to be runoff the mill, average or in this case, pure fan pandering.  And while I do still think that a whole show dedicated to the god of mischief definitely has a lot to do with how much fans love him, I was surprised to find out how interesting, deep and just pure fun this show was.

This first episode is mainly a lot of set up.  It is explaining who the TVA are, what they do, and establishing the lore around their existence.  We don’t get a lot of actual plot happening in this episode apart from the barest of bones being set up, and a rather mind bending line from Mobius at the end of the episode explaining exactly who it is he wants Loki to help them find.  But, this show and the TVA themselves, have a lot of lore and mechanics that need explaining, time travel always does, so it is a wise move to spend a little time getting your audience acquainted with the rules and laws so we don’t get lost alter on.

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Nothing really needs to be said about Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of Loki.  He has become synonymous with the character at this point, and continues to be just the perfect casting choice for this role.  It will be interesting I think, to get to know the character a little better, and his motivations etc, in this show.  I think we are going o get to see some new facets to Loki that will develop a well loved character even more.  Owen Wilson was a complete shock to me though.  I was a little sceptical of the choice to cast him, because in my head he will always be the kooky comedy guy, and the brand of comedy I remember him for doesn’t really fit into the MCU.  But I stand officially corrected.  Mobius looks like he is going to be a really interesting and mysterious character and will be an intellectual and quick witted equal with Loki, making their interactions some of the most entertaining in the show. 

A really solid start, I cannot wait for the plot to really get going and see where this crazy journey takes us.

Please do not leave any spoiler content in the comments if you wish to discuss this weeks episode, I am happy to chat about it with anyone via twitter DMs etc, but please, not direct spoilers out in the open.  You wouldn’t want it spoiled for you, don’t spoil it for someone else.



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