Awake (2021) Netflix Review

Certificate: 15

Director: Mark Raso

Writers: Joseph Raso, Mark Raso

Starring: Gina Rodriguez, Ariana Greenblatt, Lucius Hoyos 

Genre: Action, Sci Fi

Runtime: 96 Minutes

RATING: 3.5 Stars

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When an unknown event causes the world population to lose it’s ability to sleep, there is only a matter of time before the cataclysmic effects of sleep deprivation become irreparable. Ex-soldier Jill is travelling across country with her son and her daughter who, for unknown reasons is one of only a handful people who are still able to sleep. As society starts to break down due to forced wakefulness, the hunt for a cure will lead them to a startling conclusion.

Disaster movies, be still my beating heart. I love them. Whether it is an extreme weather event, a plague, an alien invasion or some other phenomenon that causes life as we know it to break down, I always find such entertainment in this genre. I know that they are a serious acquired taste, as most of them tend to be melodramatic and cheesy and very formulaic, for lovers of the genre, they are a staple of our film collections.

Yes this film does suffer from all of those shortcomings I just mentioned. The film is very over dramatic, and the writing is very cheesy, especially the inspiring speeches, and the religious rhetoric, and the whole things does follow the classic sci-fi-esque end of the world story. We even have the shady science station that are doing whatever it takes to find a cure, but if you go into the film expecting these things, and not expecting it to buck a trend and be something new and exciting, if you are there purely for the enjoyment of being told a story, then I think there is enough here to satisfy the average viewer.

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The biggest problem I had with this film is that it really doesn’t give it’s characters any backstory at all. We get the barest of Jill’s story, she was a soldier who was scarred by her experiences and is a recovering addict. We don’t know enough about her past to really understand her motivations and actions in the present. The shadowy scientists we even less about, the film is so plot and action heavy that it neglects it characters to a fault.

Generic and problematic as it may have been, I found the science and psychological aspects of the film interesting, and the action well paced enough to keep the film moving at a decent pace. It won’t be for everyone, but for lovers of Disaster movies like me, there is a good chance you will enjoy this one.

‘Awake’ is streaming now on Netflix

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