Loki (2021) Episode 2: The Variant Review

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With much reluctance from his fellow TVA agents and his superiors, Mobius finally put Loki to work for the TVA, helping him track down the other version of Loki. After a breakthrough, they travel to another time with a plan to catch the variant, but things don’t exactly go to plan.

I am feeling much the same way about Loki after two episodes, as I was about Wandavision. I have absolutely no idea what is going on, at all. But I am really enjoying the journey and finding out more about the characters. Which is kind of lucky because also like Wandavision, the show doesn’t really have a great deal of plot going on right now. The very end of this episode seems to set up for much more exciting things to come, but for the majority of this, there is very little story really happening. Instead the mysteries keep stacking up and we get glimpses of the wider picture, but nothing more than that. It makes for very compelling watching.

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I love the fact that the show is playing around with the mechanics of Time Travel, and addressing some of the questions often discussed around the topic. It is creating it’s own Time Travel laws and rules, that I imagine are going to be used a lot in the MCU going forward. But not in a way that feels over complicated, or info dumpy.

Owen Wilson continues to be the the biggest surprise for me. Tom Hiddleston is of course on top form as Loki, he always is, but Owen Wilson’s performance as Mobius is the one that sticks with me at the end of every episode. I am constantly shocked by how good his performance here is. I think I still half expect him to utter a string of terrible jokes or act goofy or silly. Instead while there are still traces of that comedic acting in there, I am really enjoying this new kind of role for him.

A great second episode, and why intrigue is definitely piqued for the future.

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