Loki Episode 3: Lamentis (2021) Reivew

Certificate: 12

Director: Kate Herron

Writers: Michael Waldron

Genre: Action, Adventure

Runtime: 40 Minutes

Language: English

RATING: 4 Stars

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After following the Variant through the portal, Loki finds he has to team up with her in order to save both their lives. During this mission, he learns more about her plan, about who she is, and that just like him, she is willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve her endgame.

This was a total whirlwind of an episode. Its incredibly fast pace meant that it totally flew by, and it’s credits started rolling before I knew it. Which is impressive because, other than a couple of pretty awesome fight sequences, this episode was really just a lot of talking. Loki and the Variant, now identified as Sylvie, just talking, and bickering. And it was way more fun and interesting than it should have been.

We are slowly getting breadcrumbs of what Sylvies plan is and why she is doing what she is doing, but her backstory and who she is as a person are still very much in the dark. For all the talking that happened in this episode, we found out very little. More things things about ‘Our’ Loki, but not a lot else. We learn about Sylvies powers, or at least some of them, and what little we learnt has lead me to a theory related to this episode, but I will keep that to myself until later for fear of spoilers.

See the source image

Visually though this episode is stunning. A change of pace and scenery is just what the show needed. The planet they are trapped on is beautiful, and while towards the end there are some pretty obvious green screen moments, the whole thing looks surprisingly realistic most of the time. What few action sequences we have in this episode are great as well. The close quarters, hand to hand combat was choregraphed particularly well, with some interesting stunts to keep it visually interesting.

I can’t wait to see what happens next week. I am assuming it will be showing what the TVA is doing while the events of this episode are happening. I did miss Owen Wilson this week, and will be glad to see him return next week.

I am happy to discuss this weeks episode, but please do not leave spoilers in the comments below. You wouldn’t want it spoiled for you, so please don’t do so for others. If you want to discuss this weeks episode in depth, please feel free to contact me via Twitter or Instagram.

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