Quick Reviews #1 – Random Stuff I Have Watched Recently

I watch a lot more stuff than the things that I write reviews on. Sometimes I don’t know enough about something to write a full review, or sometimes I just don’t have that much to say about something I’ve seen. Then there are times when I just want to watch something entirely random, and know that people won’t be interested in reading 500 words on an obscure German art house film. So I am collecting all those random thoughts and impressions here.

This time I seem to spend a lot of time in Sweden, amongst other things:

  • A Swedish True Crime Documentary
  • A Swedish Musical Comedy
  • A Comedy short with a questionable punchline
  • A beautiful but sinister Brazilian Short Film

“Palmemördaren” (2021) Dir: Lasse Lampers

A great watch for fans of true crime that are tired of watching and reading about the same cases over and over again. I knew nothing about the death of Olof Palme until I started this documentary, but everything was well presented, clearly explained and engaging to watch.

I found the speculation and theories around what really happened to be really interesting, and am now weirdly fascinated with the story of Stig Engström. I like that the documentary doesn’t attempt to take sides, or present what the film makers thought happened. Instead presents the facts as they are and leaves the audience with just enough questions to get them looking into it themselves.


Swing it Magistern (1940) Dir: Schamyl Bauman

At school, a music teacher is testing the pupil’s ability to sing. The 16-year old Inga Danell starts to sing a song so catchy that everybody in the classroom starts to sing. – From IMDB

A swing era musical for teens, but from Sweden rather than the States like you would expect. It’s entertaining enough, but follows a pretty boring plot that is pretty easy to figure out really early on. As always, the staunchy school principle doesn’t agree with the new cool, jazz music craze and tries to suppress it etc etc.

The songs in it are great though, and let’s be honest, that’s what we watch these old Swing era films for anyways.


# Poster

# (2012) Dir: Zak Longo

After too many beers, Adam leaves the worst voice-mail in the history of voice-mails for the girl of his dreams. – From IMDB

OK, first things first, in the US is this # really called a Pound? Because I thought even back in 2012 we were familiar with the idea of a HASH-tag. Here in the UK that symbol is called a HASH so…yeah. Just had to get that off my chest.

This 10 minute short is sadly not for me. The humour is definitely aimed more towards men, and the characters, besides Sarah, are very much the ‘Bro’ ‘Frat Boy’ types. And the punchline of this ten minute movie is about Drunk Driving??? I’m not sure how I feel about that being used to humorous effect. This one was a no from me.


# Poster

# (2012) Dir: Arthur Guttilla

At night fall a hooded figure appears and starts painting beasts on walls with light, it plays a game of tic tac toe with a mysterious origin. Will he win at the end? – From IMDB

I’m really glad IMDB had a synopsis for this, because I would have had absolutely no idea what was going on in this trippy 8 minute short film without it. And even with it, I’m not 100% certain I understand what was happening.

There is no dialogue, a thing I am finding is common with short film, so the audience has to make up their own mind about what the themes are and what the point of the story is. I love how this one ended, it was ominous and a little creepy.

The stop motion animation style, mixed with the light art made the film so beautiful while still feeling a little sinister.


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