Quick Reviews #2 – More Random Stuff I Have Watched Recently

I am back with more of the random stuff that I have been watching lately, mostly a bunch of random, indie, short films. This time we have:

  • A Short film about REALLY needing to go.
  • Some Vaguely political Performance Art.
  • A Little Fathers Day Dedication
  • A great Australian film abut making films.
#1 Poster

Bathroom (2020) Dir: Evan Materne

A Guy REALLY needs to use the bathroom, but the door is locked from the inside and his roommate is reluctant to help him.

Yup, that really is the topic of this short film. Toilet humour. I wonder if people ever really grow out of finding endless ways to find/make toilets funny?

The acting was pretty amateur, the plot….pretty silly and non existent. It’s only about 3 minutes long, so it isn’t like you waste a whole bunch of time on it but this one really wasn’t for me.


#1 Beauty Nail Salon Poster

#1 Beauty Nail Salon (2014) Dir: Jess X. Snow

This 5 Minute short film blurs the line between film and performance art. And for that reason I found it hard to rate. It also centres around a cultural and political issue, which you can’t give a star rating too, because it is discussing someone’s way of life.

This piece is looking at and talking about the way the Vietnamese immigrants are treated and thought of in the US. And for the insight it gave and the impassioned performance of Paul Tran I really liked it. But this kind of set up, and performance art in general is very subjective, and I wasn’t a big fan of how it was presented. Lack of distractions like a background or any kind of set dressing I suppose forces you to pay attention the message Tran is trying to get across, but it’s stark-ness makes it feel impersonal and clinical.

#1 Dad Poster

#1 Dad (2021) Dir: Ralph Smith

Proud Dad cooks for his daughter, Dakota, on the best grill in the park. Then Cocky Dad shows up and demands the grill so he can cook for his daughter Brittany. Soon the two fathers exchange dad jokes and dance moves as the horrified daughters look on. There can be only one, #1 Dad.

Despite the very amateur acting in this one, the comedy in it actually did make me chuckle a couple times. It crams more Dad Jokes and Jokes ABOUT dads into it’s 4 minute runtime than it really needs to, but they are all things that are quinessentially ‘Dad.’ ‘Resting their Eyes’ in front of the TV. Groaning when they sit down. Terrible Dad dancing.

It might not be a masterpiece, but it will make you chuckle.


#1 at the Apocalypse Box Office Poster

#1 at the Apocalypse Box Office (2015)

Jules is, self declared, the most useless person in the post apocalyptic world, until he finds an old film camera and determines to make the greatest movie in the new world… the only movie in the new world. But his first day filming is proving to be much more difficult than he imagined. Who knew that making a movie after the end of the world would be so hard?

This may only be 11 minutes long, but it tells a great story, it sets up the world and the characters, it’s actually really pretty good. Each character has a clear personality, there is a good amount of humour in there, sure the costumes make it pretty clear it’s not really the end of the world, everything is too clean and pristine, but I actually had a good time with this one.


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