Fast and Furious 9 (2021) Film Review

Certificate: 12A

Director: Justin Lin

Writers: Daniel Casey, Justin Lin, Alfredo Botello

Starring: Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster

Genre: Action, Adventure

Runtime: 143 Minutes

Language: English

RATING: 2.5 Stars

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Dom’s brother Jacob hatches a plan to get his hands on an insanely powerful weapon, that will compromise every computer on the planet. Dom leaves the quiet life he and Letty have made for themselves after the events of the last film, to once again assemble his team and stop his brother.

It amazes me how they manage to make each one of these films a bit crazier and a bit more ridiculous. Saying that though, there is a magic to these films that means I have such a blast every time I watch them. Even if most of the time I am laughing AT them rather then WITH them. And if you thought that submarines were the wackiest thing this franchise could do, hold onto your rocket thrusters, coz this one goes even crazier.

We all know that physics is not a thing that really exists in this universe. Some of the stunts that they pull off should not at all be possible by any stretch of theoretical science. But really, in this ninth instalment, all semblance of logic seems to have taken a day off. The whole cinema screen I was in was laughing out loud at the outrageous things they were able to explain away with luck or ‘Science.’ I don’t think anyone writing this film even thought about looking any of this up once. It’s what we have come to expect, and they have made it their mission to make the stunts bigger and crazier every time.

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The flashback sequences to explain the relationship between Dom and his brother, while kind of necessary to explain where this mysterious brother has suddenly popped up from after 20 years, but for me really detracted from the action. They slowed the pace right down every time they came on screen. The opening one, showing the death of his father OK, that gives us some set up. But the rest felt very much like filler in a film that was already a little too long.

The way this film ends makes it obvious that there is probably going to be at least one more instalment in this series. In a recent interview, Vin Diesel has said that he and director Justin Lin know how the series is going to end, what the final shot will be, and I just hope that we can get there soon, in this future final instalment sooner rather than later, before the whole franchise becomes unrecognisable.

Fast and Furious 9 (F9) is showing in UK cinemas now

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