Loki (2021) Season Finale ‘For All Time. Always.’

Director: Kate Herron

Writer: Michael Waldron

Stars: Tom Hiddleston, Sophia DiMartino, Owen Wilson

RATING: 4 Stars

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Loki and Sylvie finally find themselves face to face with the man in charge of the TVA, and he is not what they expected. He has a story to tell them, and tells of dire consequences if they go through with their plan. Loki and Sylvie disagree on how to proceed and when Loki returns to the TVA, things are not how he left them.

I am finally beginning to learn with these Marvel TV shows, that they are never going to give you satisfactory answers to all of your questions. Instead they are going to tease things, and set things up, and then the real exciting things, the reveals and the battles and the answers we are all desperately craving, are going to be left for the films to deal with. A great way to get all the set up and exposition out of the way of the action in the films, and a great way to leave your audiences with gut wrenching cliff-hangars.

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We get enough answers in this finale to satisfy some of the questions that the series has raised. Who are the TVA? What is their real purpose? Who is in charge? But then it ends with a completely new set of questions and sets up yet more stuff that I assume is going to be explored in the upcoming MCU films. The introduction of the so called ‘villain’ of the series, and who I assume is going to appear in later projects was amazing, and in a similar way to Thanos, they have given him a back story and motive, that is easy to empathise with, a thing that is key to a good villain. But I am sad that we didn’t get to see more of him in this show.

Hiddleston and DiMartino continue to have fantastic on screen chemistry, and to give absolutely amazing performances. This episode in particular has some heavy emotions going on and they and superb job. I feel very certain that this is not the last we are going to see of either of these characters. Not only with season 2 now confirmed, but with Phase 4 looking to be either setting up or dealing with, the multiverse, they will for sure be right in the thick of it.

Please feel free to comment and discuss your thoughts on the show below, but be mindful of other readers and do not discuss outright spoilers.

The complete first season of Loki is streaming on Disney+ Now

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