Free Guy (2021) Film Review

Director: Shawn Levy

Writers: Matt Lieberman, Zak Penn,

Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer, Taika Waititi

RATING: 3.5 Stars

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A bank teller in a violent and crime ridden city discovers that he is really an NPC in an open world online video game. But when his world is threatened, he teams up with a player in order to stop his city, and his whole life being destroyed.

The trailer did not sell this film to me at all. I am a big fan of Ryan Reynolds on the whole, but even his unwavering charm was not enough to get me excited for this. Comedies as we all know are not my bread and butter. I often find more faults with them than is entirely fair, and I mostly find them insufferable to sit through and the humour to be eye-rollingly cringey. But as it turns out, Reynolds unwavering charm and a good dose of Taika Waititi and even my ingrained prejudice can be somewhat talked round.

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Sure so Reynolds plays the same kind of loveable, quirky idiot that he plays in all his films. But there is a reason for that. He does it so well. He is so likable as this character no matter how many times we see him play it. Jodie Comer works fabulously opposite Reynolds, managing to keep up with and even mirror his almost childlike enthusiasm about pretty much everything. Taika Waititi of course comes in, in all of his wacky eccentric glory and gives a great performance as the corrupt CEO. And there are a few small cameos in this film that are just excellent and one in particular that made me squeal out loud in the cinema so, yeah, cameos.

Film and Video Game lovers are going to get a huge kick out of some of the subtle, and some not so subtle references in this. Towards the end in particular there are a lot of props and Easter eggs for avid fans to look out for. Those seeing the film with friends, or who may not be invested in the movie/gaming world wont necessarily get the same childish joy out of it that I did, but there is definitely one or two that most people will recognise.

Apparently, a sequel is already being discussed, a little funny taking into consideration what the film has to say about sequels and IPs, but I would recommend catching this one this week if you get a chance.

‘Free Guy’ is out in UK cinemas now!

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