Random Things I have Watched Lately #4

Here we are again, delving into the weird and totally random things that I have found while deep diving on IMDB for things to watch. This time we have:

  • An Episode of a Role Playing Game Let’s Play Kinda Thing
  • A silent film from the early 20s with scandalous content
  • A searing look at the party girl phenomenon of the 30s
  • A very Early Ginger Rogers Short

Ep 16: Prompocalypse

The downside of using the IMDB title search to randomize what you watch, is that you don’t always get to watch things in order. In this case, I ended up watching episode 16 of this Let’s Play type show, where a bunch of people are trying to complete a D&D type role playing campaign.

And considering I didn’t start from the beginning I still had a great time. Everyone was really into it, and were really active and immersed in the games world. I loved how involved the Grand Master was with the game and the characters. I wouldn’t give it the 10/10 rating it has on IMDB, but I did give it a solid..


The Secret of the Monastery (1920)

This got dark real quick. Adultery, Murder, infanticide, incest, this film wasn’t afraid to go there. I actually quite enjoyed it. It was a simple story, as most films of this era are, but despite the sparse title cards, and lack of music on this one it wasn’t hard to follow.

The acting as always is delightfully melodramatic, as with no sound, they have to over act to show the emotion of the scene, and it’s one of my favourite things about the era. This one also featured some wonderful costumes which helped to bring the story to life.


Party Girl (1930)

Pre-Code Hollywood was a strange and wonderful place. This is story of very mild, almost prostitution. How companies used pretty girls to charm men into making the correct business decisions.

A simple story, but done really well. The ending was definitely a bit rushed, but if you have a limited runtime, as most films of this time seemed to, there is only so much you can fit in. Got a good giggle at some amazing effects showing a woman falling off a roof.

3.5 Stars

A Night in a Dormitory (1930)

Almost an anthology type film, this short is a story being retold to a friend about what a young lady saw at the dance show that evening. There are comedy sketches, dance numbers all meant to relay the events of the evening.

The highlight being a comedy sketch at a dinner table where neither man has the money to pay the bill. Also there is a brief song and dance number by a very young Ginger Rogers, I think it was only her second appearance on screen. I enjoyed this a lot, a lot of the qualities I love in 30s films in one neat package.


As you can tell, I am going back to the beginning, to early Hollywood to watch as film evolves and develops into the multi-billion dollar blockbusters that we get today. These films are a long way from the Superhero and fantasy epics that we get nowadays, but they do still have their charms for the ones willing to give them a shot. A lot of them are available in the public domain, so I hope I have inspired you check some out.

I will be back next week with some more random watches.

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