The Final Eternals Trailer is Here!

As massive MCU fan, I am ashamed to say out loud that I continuously keep forgetting that this project even exists. Which should say more about how excited I was for it than anything I could possibly write here. I literally had zero interest in it at all, and while Marvel have proven me wrong under these circumstances before, namely with both Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant Man, I didn’t have a lot of hope that this would be one of their releases that got me pumped to go to the cinema.

The previous trailers we have seen for this didn’t do much for me either. Highlighting the characters more than any actual plot. But with this trailer, I so happy to say that I have had a bit of a change of heart. We are starting to see a hint of a plot, an event that has been set in motion due to Tony’s snap at the end of Endgame, that our titular heroes have to prevent. A look at some awesome action sequences, which I am not totally sold on, they look a little too CGI heavy and most of the characters seem to be a little too over powered. And unlike the other two trailers, we see a lot more of the characters interacting, and sharing some of that Marvel banter that is so prevalent throughout the movies, and is always one of my favourite elements of the films.

Is this likely to be a new entry in my top five MCU projects? I highly doubt it, though like I said, I have been wrong before. But this new trailer, jammed full of new material, has got me a lot more excited for this!

What do you think of the trailer? Are you excited about ‘The Eternals?’

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