Spiderman: No Way Home Trailer #1 Reaction (FINALLY)

It’s really here folks. And no, I am not talking about the awful, grainy, blurry version that got leaked from someone’s iPhone. The official trailer for Decembers Spiderman: No Way Home dropped a few hours ago. I live in the UK, so it happened once again while we were sleeping, stupid time zones! Lets take a peak.

So from the trailer the plot seems to be that Peter wants Dr Strange to reverse the damage done by Mysterio, when he revealed Spiderman’s secret identity to the world. But in the process of doing so, something goes wring with the spell that is someway going to link into the Multiverse storyline being set up in Wandavision and Loki. This multiverse storyline has me so pumped at the moment you have no idea and I am literally buzzing to see what more they are going to add to it.

It’s looking like Dr Strange is going to play a larger role in this film that I originally thought he would. I thought he would maybe have a small cameo and that would be it. But now I think about it, as this is helping to set up for Multiverse of Madness, I guess it makes sense that he has a larger role here. And without Tony, I suppose Peter does need another fatherly type figure, and while Strange probably does NOT fit that role, it will be great to see their personalities bounce off each other.

We already had confirmation that Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock was going to be making an appearance in the film, but it still gave me tingles to see him, along with the pumpkin bombs from Wilem Defoe’s Green Goblin and sparks of electricity from Jamie Foxx’s Electro. Spiderman always had some of my personal favourite comic book villains, so to see these three together in this film is going to be a huge win for comic book fans. There seems to be no sign of the rumoured other Spidermen yet. And if I were Sony, I wouldn’t put them in any of the trailers either. Fans are creating enough hype for it as it is, and saving it for a third act reveal in the movie theatre would be the best way to go in my opinion.

See the source image

Glad to see all of our favourite side characters returning, including MJ, Ned, Aunt May and of course Happy and at least a glimpse of my fave, Wong. More of the mind bending, inception-esque scenery that we got in Doctor Strange, which is always visually stunning to see on a ten foot screen. And despite the possibly slightly darker tone of this movie, it looks like they are keeping the lighter banter going which I am happy about. I do think though it is time to make these films a little darker. They are the preppy, bouncy puppy of the MCU, but after everything he has been through, it might be time for Peter to grow up a little, so the darker tone is perfectly in synch with that.

OK, So Questions I have:

Why in the train sequence does it seem like Strange is attacking Peter?

If Strange succeeds and everyone forgets he’s Spiderman, will he still be an Avenger?

Will we get a cameo from Elizabeth Olsen/Tom Hiddleston?

Why is the Sanctum Sanctorum covered in Snow?

What is the green Boxy thing Peter is holding when strange forces his astral body out of his physical body?

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