What If…? Episode 3: What if Earth Lost It’s Mightiest Heroes?

Writers: A.C. Bradley, Matthew Chauncey

Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Jeffrey Wright, Jeremy Renner

RATING: 4 Stars

Set during ‘Nick Fury’s Big Week’ in Phase 1, Fury has trouble assembling his elite team, when a serial killer begins picking off the candidate for the Avengers, before they even get a chance to become the team we all know and love.

So, I’m not overly sold on the solution to this whole episode. I liked that there was a killer finding interesting and fun ways to pick off the avengers, and up until the reveal of the culprit, I had very little idea as to who it could have been. And then even when I did have an inkling, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the motive might have been. That’s because the motive came completely out of left field and no-one could have seen that coming without at least a few context clues, that were noticeably missing.

See the source image

I liked the return of some of the older characters, and the re-worked scenes from phase one, it added a nice feel of nostalgia to the episode, but some of the dialogue did seem a little forced to make it fit. I think the show works better when the stories are completely different from how they were originally, like we had last week with T’Challa’s Starlord, rather than these re-works.

I’m also not entirely sure that this episode was long enough for the story that it wanted to tell. I know these are only meant to be snippets, but this had potential to be a really great storyline, but the mystery didn’t really last long enough, everything came together to quickly and easily, and it felt a little rushed.

The ending with Loki while a little predictable from the second he showed up, was still good for a laugh, and it’s good to finally see him come out on top at least once. As the regular time-line does like to screw him over…a lot.

Not my favourite episode of the show so far, but entertaining enough, and full of nostalgia for hard core MCU fans.

Episode 3 of What If is streaming on Disney+ now

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