Top 5 Forgotten Childhood Favourites

We’ve all been there right? You are scrolling some dead end of the internet and suddenly see a picture or reference to to a movie or TV that you used to love as a kid, but haven’t even thought about for at least twenty years. I had a moment like that earlier this week and it inspired me to share my list of forgotten favourites, and to encourage you to do the same.

Round The Twist (1989-2001)

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This bizarre TV programme is based on the equally as bizarre books by Aussie author Paul Jennings, which I also used to love as a kid after being introduced to them by an Australian teacher I had when I was about 8. I don’t remember there being any over-arching plot to the show, each episode the Twist family would find themselves involved in another wacky scenario. I recently found the entire series in a local second hand shop and I am so excited to revisit it. Though I don’t imagine it to have aged very well.

The Racoons (1985-1992)

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This show was getting on a bit in year by the time I saw it in the late nineties, but I loved it all the same. The adventures of Bert Racoon and his family and friends in Evergreen forest. A pretty standard set up for a kids TV show, but one key question still remains. What exactly were the weird pink creatures with the long noses? It never really crossed my mind when I was kid, but the more I think about it now as an adult the more it bugs me. This one also had a top notch villain and a great theme song.

The Princess and the Goblin (1991)

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Objectively this is a terrible film. The voice acting is pretty shoddy, and the animation is pretty basic, if still pretty enjoyable for kids. The story is about the adventurous Princess Irene. The princess is off playing in the woods when she is attacked by goblins pets. She is saved by a mining young warrior boy named Curty. They quickly become friends and get into a lot of trouble. The goblins attack and Irene must rely on her own magic to save Curty, and in turn the entire kingdom. Based on a fairy tale I assume, but one not snapped up by Disney. I re-watched this a few years ago I think and cringed at how terrible it was, but it does have a huge dose of nostalgia attached to it for me.

The Demon Headmaster (1996-1998)

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Dinah Glass is a young girl, nervous about joining her new foster family; The Hunters. Although the parents are welcoming, the two brothers (Harvey and Lloyd) are more cautious but that’s the least of her problems once she starts at her new school. The headmaster is intent on order and the pupils are unusually willing to obey, except for a few. What is going on and just what is the headmaster up to? This was an absolute must watch for me when I got home from school. Just the right amount of creepy, I genuinely still remember the weird hypnosis thing the show had going on. Made up of only 19 episodes, this is from that golden age of TV where a sow didn’t need to run for 12 seasons and have 3 TV movies to tell an effective story.

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993-1997)

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I hadn’t even thought about this version of Superman in such a long time. With all the new stuff going on with the DCEU and us now having more than one iteration of Superman going on, it wasn’t even on my radar. But when I started my research for this article, I inevitably ended up here. I have seen this show from beginning to end maybe twice, but I will catch the occasional episode on TV whenever I can because although it is terribly cheesy, and the acting is pretty awful. it was y first comic book adaption love and for that it will always have a special place in my heart.

So these are five of my favourite childhood shows and movies that I had completely forgotten about. Now, why don’t you tell me yours?

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