Most Anticipated September Releases 2021

There are some absolute Bangers coming out in September, and while we have been waiting for a few of them for quite some time, it is great that they are now right around the corner.

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Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – September 3rd

Although I still feel like the title is a bit too long, I am so excited to finally get down to the nitty-gritty of Phase Four. The first New Superhero in the MCU since Captain Marvel in 2019. It’s been getting fantastic praise especially for it’s combat and fight sequences. There was a hint at a cameo from my number one favourite side character Wong, and a possible sighting of Abomination, so there is a lot to look forward to. There is also the rumour that at test screenings, one of the post credit scenes made audiences totally lose their shit….so with all this hype surrounding the film, I cannot WAIT to check this out at the cinema tomorrow!

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Respect – September 10th

Biopics, and specifically music Biopics, are some of my favourites. And after Jennifer Hudson’s turn in Dreamgirls, I am incredibly excited to see what she can do with Aretha Franklin. I feel like this film is being really under marketed here in the UK, I have only seen the trailer once I think, so I hope that it gets a big turn out. But from what I have seen, I think this is going to be a knockout. Musical numbers aside, Hudson is a fantastic dramatic actress, and while she does a superb job in films like this, I would love to see her spread her wings and try out a few new genres of film.

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No Time To Die – September 30th

Let me be honest with you all for five seconds…I am so so tired of seeing the trailer for this film in the cinema. My excitement for this film has almost fizzled out completely. But in preparation for the release of this film, I did rewatch all of the Daniel Craig 007 films, and remembered how amazing the cast for these films are. Craig is a long way from my favourite Bond, though I like that with him they tried something a little different. But he does have a great cast of supporting characters around him that are just amazing. Am I excited for this film just because that means I will finally not have to watch the trailer anymore…maybe. But I am sure that once I get in there and start watching the film, I will remember what I used to love so much about the Bond franchise when I was younger.

Those are the films that I most excited to see this month. There are probably about ten that I have forgotten about completely, but these are the ones that are stuck in my brain. What releases are you most excited about?

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