Dive Club (2021) Netflix Series Review

Creator: Steve Jaggi

Stars: Miah Madden, Georgia-May Davis, Sana’a Shaik

RATING: 2.5 Stars

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After one of their friends goes missing in the aftermath of a storm, a group of teenage girls begin to investigate her disappearance. While searching for her they will uncover a family secret that has been kept hidden for decades.

The real highlight of this series for me was the story. It had me intrigued right from the get go. Treasure, missing persons, conspiracy, it was all very exciting! The problem was, the characters in the show, and therefor presumably the writers, seemed a lot less interested in the mystery than I was. There was no way that this show needed twelve episodes accounting to about six hours of runtime, to tell this story. There should have been some tension, some drama in here somewhere, one of their friends has gone missing, but the writers thought it was necessary to fill the show with a million unnecessary side stories, as a way of developing our characters and let us get to know them. I just wanted them to get back to the main plot thank you very much.

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I liked the friendship between the girls, and I imagine for the demographic this series is aimed at, it is the perfect set up. But the twee, YouTuber thing did get a little old. As I have said before, influencer culture is definitely beginning to rear it’s head more and more often in teen films and series, and if they don’t start to show it in a more realistic and healthy manner, it’s going to just compound the already dim view people have of that means of income.

My biggest gripe I had though was with the ropey acting. It happens a lot with teen dramas though. Everyone has to start somewhere, and while I am sure one day these girls will grow into their acting skills, here the acting is mediocre at best and a little cringe worthy at worst. The final episode is left on a bit of a cliff-hanger of course, so we can expect there to be a second season somewhere down the road if the numbers all add up, but I personally think they should stop here.

It will likely appeal to it’s target audience, but fell woefully flat for me where it counted.

All 12 episodes are streaming on Netflix now!

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