What If…? Episode 6: What If…Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?

Writers: A.C. Bradley, Matthew Chauncey

Stars: Jeffrey Wright, Chadwick Boseman, Danai Gurira

RATING: 3.5 Stars

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What if, instead of being carried off to an Afghan cave after his convoy is attacked, Killmonger is on hand to save Tony Stark from ever being wounded by the missile that changed his life. What if Killmonger uses Tony, and Stark Industries, as another method to find his way into Wakanda, and succeed in his goal of becoming the Black Panther?

By no means my favourite of the series, I found this episode to be mostly just…OK. The decisions made by all the characters involved, Tony, Rhodey, T’Chaka, all seemed a little too unbelievable. It was interesting to see what would become of Tony Stark, and Stark Industries, if he hadn’t of had that change of heart brought on by his time in the cave, but I don;t think that avenue was explored enough.

Killmonger, while still the interesting character that he was when we first met him in Black Panther, is effectively still exactly the same character. You know what his end goal is, although it is never stated here, and you know that he will do just about anything to achieve it, and as this an exploration of ‘What If…?’ it is safe to say the entire time you know how the episode is going to play out. So there is never really any tension or suspense created.

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And I am beginning to get a little frustrated that none of these episodes are really fully finished off. It always feels like they are stopped about ten minutes too early. I would have liked to have seen what becomes of Killmonger after he succeeds, what kind of man he becomes. It’s like we get to the exciting, juicy, character development part, and the story is cut off.

Still a agreat time, and this episode does feature a few of my favourite side characters, but not as action packed, or to me as interesting, as some of the previous episodes.

‘What if…?’ episode 5 is streaming on Disney+ now!

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