Intrusion (2021) Netflix Review

Director: Adam Salky

Writer: Chris Sparling

Stars: Logan Marshall-Green, Robert John Burke, Freida Pinto

RATING: 2 Stars

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A woman moves to a small town with her husband, but is rattled when she is targeted for a home invasion. When she starts looking into the events surrounding the break-in, she starts to find mysterious links to the people she knows, and grows more and more paranoid that things aren’t what they seem.

Netflix has done a bunch of these domestic thrillers, some of them have landed well, and some of them…haven’t. For me this one was definitely a haven’t. There was a lot in this film that doesn’t add up, and a lot of the red herrings and ‘subtle clues’ actually end up being a lot more obvious than you would usually expect in a story like this.

Henry is written as far too much of a creep from the very beginning. If they were trying to play it subtle, they missed by a country mile. You know he is suspicious from the get go. And no amount of his passive aggressive behaviour and slightly psychotic smiles and platitudes could convince me otherwise throughout. The problem was he wasn’t written as the nice guy. He was too controlling, and there was always an undercurrent of menace to him. On the other hand, poor Meera is frequently written as a bumbling, paranoid fool. Even more so than these kinds of characters usually are. So when the twist is finally revealed, it is absolutely no surprise whatsoever. If you have been paying attention you figure it out very early on.

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And so the problem with that, is that it makes the agonising, hour long wait for the conclusion painful and a bit of a slog. That middle portion of these kinds of films, where they are trying to figure things out is always a bit drawn out for my tastes. We as the audience usually always know more than the characters, so we are just waiting for them to catch up, but in this case, the wait is ridiculous. And while this wait, and the unsettling scenes do a great job at building suspense, the pay off is ultimately a disappointment.

The writing certainly leaves something to be desired, the dialogue at times is incredibly cringeworthy. There are some terribly shaky and rapid camera movements as well, which although add to the chaotic and frenzied feeling of the film, are not really necessary. Neither is the synth-like music, which really doesn’t match up with the tone of the film at all.

Overall a really underwhelming experience, and not one that I would recommend unless domestic thrillers really are your thing.

‘Intrusion’ is streaming on Netflix now!

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