What If Episode 8: What If…Ultron Won?

Starring: Jeffrey Wright, Jeremy Renner, Lake Bell

RATING: 4.5 Stars

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Instead of being defeated by the Avengers, and giving rise to The Vision, what if Ultron succeeded in his mission to launch the nuclear weapons and destroy life on earth. What would he do next? Destroy all life in the galaxy of course. But then, when his mission is seemingly complete, all six infinity stones in hand, what if one universe wasn’t enough, what if he went after the entire multiverse?

This episode showed us exactly how great ‘Age of Ultron’ actually could have been. Instead of the corny cheese-fest we were given, we could have gotten a much darker, higher stakes story. This episode is that story, and it was absolutely amazing! Just when you think that Ultron couldn’t take it any further, he steps up his plan, and the destruction just kept going.

This is also the episode that is going to serve as the link to all the other episodes. I have been hoping all along that all of these seemingly unconnected stories would intersect in some way, and by the time we get to the end of this episode, it is looking like I will finally get my wish. This sets up the finale perfectly by introducing the threat, and hinting at what the solution will be. It was great to finally see The Watcher take a bigger role in the show than he has previously, with the exception of Dr Strange, this is the first time we really see him interact with the story he is telling. Or rather, the story interacts with him. We finally see how powerful he is, and despite the fact that he clearly out matches his opponent, there is still a good level of threat there.

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We finally get a story that feels like a complete narrative this week as well rather than having it cut off at a weird place. Yes it is left on a hell of a cliffhanger ahead of next weeks finale, but this half of the story, the development of this version of Ultron, and the development of The Watchers character as well, is a complete arc in this episode.

It was also great to see Natasha and Clint go on one last mission together, there was a great homage to Natasha’s death in endgame thrown in there as well, just in case this episode didn’t contain enough pain as it was. I don’t know if the banter between the two of them is as genuine as it is in the films, and I feel like the dialogue didn’t always fit their characters as we now them, but as a last horrah to this duo, it was still pretty good.

This has set up for a really interesting final next week, I am just hoping with how up and down this series has been for me, that they can deliver on the promise of a great finale.

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