Whispering Whoopee (1930)

Director: James W. Horne

Writer: H.M. Walker

Stars: Charley Chase, Thelma Todd, Anita Garvin

RATING: 3 Stars

Three party girls gather at Charley’s apartment. He’s hosting a party for three councilmen from Rockaway in hopes of selling them some property. While the women powder their noses, the men arrive, but instead of the councilmen, it’s three dour gentlemen from the trade association. Charley tells the call girls to act refined, so one of them suggests a game of post office. Will the straight-laced men figure out these aren’t a librarian, college administrator, and music student, and is Charley’s sale about to be washed away in a stream of seltzer? – From IMDB

A quick review this afternoon for a quick little movie. Whispering Whoopee is a 1930s short film, running approximately 20 minutes, and while the acting is definitely questionable, especially from some of the male actors, it is relatively entertaining and it doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. One of the upsides of early cinema is they very rarely dragged things out. They told their story, put in a musical number or some comic gags, and then moved on. No 3 hour, over bloated blockbusters for them.

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As with most films of this age, the plot is fair simple and easy to follow, focussing mostly on the men’s business deal and giving the women very little to do other than to look pretty, and cause trouble. So yeah, pretty standard for the era. The comedy focusses on the slapstick and physical side of things, which I am learning I enjoy quite a lot more than a lot of todays comedic themes, so this one dies get a laugh out of me, though the soda fountain gag did get a little old after the first five minutes.

Very little in way of technical or narrative flair, this film will be entertaining for those who, like me, have a thing for vintage cinema, but will little to offer those who don’t. But as the film is only twenty minutes long, and in the public domain, it takes no effort to watch and could bring a smile to your face. check it out here:


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