The Flying Saucer (1950) Vintage Review

Director; Mikel Conrad

Writers: Mikel Conrad, Howard Irving Young

Stars: Mikel Conrad, Pat Garrison, Hantz von Teuffen

RATING: 1.5 Stars

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The CIA sends playboy Mike Trent to Alaska with agent Vee Langley, posing as his “nurse,” to investigate flying saucer sightings. At first, installed in a hunting lodge, the two play in the wilderness. But then they sight a saucer. Investigating, our heroes clash with an inept gang of Soviet spies, also after the saucer secret – From IMDB

The war is over, and I forgot that as soon as that happened, granted it happened 5 years before this movie was released, but as soon as that happened, Russian Spies were everywhere and the cold war became the lead plot device of every movie, book and comic book that was published for quite some time. And while that was a legitimate concern at the time, I think the real Russians would have at least had a Russian accent, not the blatantly American accents these spies supposedly had. Or maybe they were just really good spies and could cover their accents perfectly??? But I doubt it.

Despite a somewhat interesting premise, and the fantastically cheesy poster, this film was actually rather dull. Nothing at all happens for about the first half an hour, when the synopsis says they play in the wilderness, that is about all you see them do. I was expecting at least a little action, a little intrigue. Instead I was painfully bored for thirty minutes, and then only mildly entertained for the remaining 40.

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The corny looking sci-fi effects were enough to give me a few laughs. And really, that’s all I watch these old vintage Science fiction films for anyways. I don’t go into them expecting masterpieces. This time it wasn’t the sci-fi elements that let it down, those were probably the most enjoyable part, there just wasn’t enough of them.

I liked that you couldn’t trust anyone, and that everyone was out for themselves, it helped with the suspense that the film was sorely lacing due to a slow pace. But it also meant that a lot of the characters seemed inter-changeable and none of them were particularly likeable. Vee was probably the most likeable character, and she wasn’t really on screen enough, or given enough to do to really make an impact on my enjoyment of the movie.

Oh well, they can’t all be winners. This film is easy enough to find online if you want to check it out for yourself and it is also available to buy from Amazon Video. Fans of vintage sci-fi might find something redeeming in it like I did, but otherwise, I would give it a miss.

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