The Retro TV Times: The Lone Ranger S1 E17 – The Man Who Came Back

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Director: George Archainbaud

Writers: George W. Trendle, Doris Schroeder, Fran Striker

Stars: Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels, Martha Hyer

RATING: 3 Stars

The Lone Ranger & Tonto visit old friend Joe Crawford at the Bar C Ranch. Instead they find two men who say Joe’s sold his ranch, but won’t answer any more questions. The Lone Ranger examines the bill of sale but the dates don’t add up. The Ranger and Tonto suspect foul play and begin a search for answers. – IMDB

Westerns really aren’t my jam. Like at all. I can probably safely say that they are among my least favourite genres of Film and Television. So I was pleasantly surprised when this show was able to keep my attention for the entire half an hour runtime, and I didn’t find myself bored or distracted. Still, most Westerns consist of the same basic plots and the same basic characters, and because the period of time these films and shows are set was only about 50 years long, the same themes and real life stories tend to be recycled a lot. Anyways, that’s my problem with Westerns, but not necessarily my opinion of this show.

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On the whole the show is pretty entertaining, it’s plotline is pretty simple, and you know that in the end the Ranger and Tonto are going to figure out who the bad guys are, and they will get their comeuppance, all in the space of about 20-30 minutes. And maybe that’s why I didn’t mind this Western story. To me it didn’t out stay it’s welcome, it told the story it was trying to tell and then it was over. A little rushed maybe, but I didn’t mind that much.

The Lone Ranger is the only one here who doesn’t speak in that classic Hollywood cowboy drawl, even though everyone around him seems to. And poor Tonto gets none of the credit for doing most of the legwork here. And then the end seemed pretty anticlimactic when they just ride off onto the sunset.

Overall fairly entertaining, I can say I will probably continue to watch more of the series, but I can see this formula getting mighty old pretty fast.

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