The Retro TV Times: Punchy Cowpunchers (1950)

Director: Edward Bernds

Writer: Edward Bernds

Stars: Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Shemp Howard


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The Stooges are cavalrymen in the old west, who are hired to track down the Dillons, a notorious outlaw gang with the help of a pretty female barkeeper and her boyfriend, a handsome cowboy. – From IMDB

This early offering from the Three Stooges was sadly, quite disappointing for me. I love their later stuff, especially some of their corny full length movies, and their one animated outing with Scooby Doo and the gang. So I was hoping to find a few laughs in here. But mostly it was a lot of repeated gags, and most of the laughs came not from the Stooges themselves, but from their supporting characters, which I am fairly sure is not the point of the show.

I kind of liked the running joke of the dumb and accident prone Cowboy, he was easily the funniest part of the film, and if the whole film had been centred around him, it would have been great but the side character should not be the funniest thing in a Three Stooges outing. The rest of the jokes were mainly the same thing over and over again. The pretty barmaid knocking fully grown men out in one punch being something that was done about 4 times, and got a little tedious by the fourth time.

The slapstick comedy was average at best, and the fact that this was a Western meant I had a hard time enjoying it anyways, so sadly this one is a no from me.

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