A-Z of Media #1 – #Cybriety (2015) Web Series Review

Director: Ethan Dawes

Stars: Schuyler Helford, Marina Michelson, Alexandra Ruddy

RATING: 2 Stars

After realising how much it is effecting their lives, two technology obsessed millennials agree to give up all their tech, and live life ‘Off the Grid.’

Well, when I fall down my IMDB rabbit holes, as often do, sometimes I find hidden gems, and then sometimes I find things like this. Not bad exactly, but amateurish to a cringeworthy degree, even if they did somehow manage to get Charlie Sheen to make several short cameos in here.

This web series, available still to watch on YouTube is made up of 8 episodes, all around 5 minutes long, so if you did want to check it out, it isn’t a week long commitment or anything, but if you don’t enjoy the second hand embarrassment of cheesy acting, then those fortyish minutes are going to be a bit of a struggle for you. I can’t tell if this is meant to be a parody of sorts, so the acting is kind of intentionally bad, or if this is a byproduct of the small budget i assume it had. Either way, there will be no award nominations for this show, but I can enjoy it for what it is.

And in a society where we all do spend far too long staring at screens, ans glued to our smart phones, the points that they make about tech are completely true. People do walk around completely unaware of their surroundings. A lot of people do judge their worth by how many followers they have on social media, and how many people read and respond to their posts. So while it may be hammy on the acting side, on the narrative and social side, it was quite clever, and eye opening.

This isn’t something I would ever return to, but it was ok to fill some time I had, and did give me a few chuckles, even if it was at the expense of the people on screen, rather than the humorous dialogue.

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