Retro Cartoons: Pluto’s Heart Throb (1950)

Director: Charles A. Nichols

Writer: Roy Williams

Stars: Ruth Clifford(voice), Pinto Colvig(voice)

RATING: 3 Stars

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Pluto falls for Dinah the dachshund; so does Butch. She strings both along, until Pluto very sweetly gives her a bone. But Butch won’t let her go, and keeps horning in, much to her annoyance. – From IMDB

No one does it quite like Disney do they? And I am reminded of this every time I watch one of these older Disney animations. They were way ahead of their time in terms of animation skill and stayed that way for decades. This is a pretty simple, run of the mill type story, but with that special sprinkle of Disney magic that just makes it a notch above others for the time.

There have been several Pluto cartoons before this that utilised pretty much the exact same story, so there are no points here for originality, but this is a classic story used in cartoons and movies, so it would be hard to find one that wasn’t a rehash of something else. But I di feel like the wily, flirty, female was a really overused character archetype at the time, and here we clearly see it again as Dinah lets Butch and Pluto duke it out to earn her affections.

The drawings and the voice cast do a great job of course, this is something that Disney has always been very strong with, and while this is enjoyable enough to waste seven minutes, there isn’t an awful lot more to it.

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