Cinema History: Spanish Onions (1930) Animated Short Review

Director: Frank Moser

Writer: Paul Terry

RATING: 2.5 Stars

A mouse rides his burro to his girlfriends house, a Spanish flamenco dancer, where he serenades her and convinces her to go and see a bull fight with him. During the show he ends up having to fight the bull himself.

Terry Toons at this point are gaining a reputation with me for being pretty competent, and fairly entertaining, while managing to be completely unremarkable. And that fine, not everything has to be an amazing work of art.

The backgrounds always seem to have more attention to detail that any of the animated elements. I guess it was hard and labour intensive to animate detailed characters etc when you are a smaller studio with a much smaller budget than places like Disney or WB. But still, with their basic designs and very little dialogue, the characters are still quite charming, and fun too watch.

There is very little plot really, it’s more of a ‘Day in the Life’ kind of thing. Nothing overly exciting or dramatic happens. It is very run of the mill, and the outcomes are all very predictable. I doubt it will have little value to anyone that doesn’t enjoy watching these vintage style cartoons. It lacks the pizzazz of the later Looney Tunes cartoons and really doesn’t have a lot of humour to speak of at all, which is a huge selling point for those cartoons as well.

Saying all of that though, it is only just over 6 minutes, so it isn’t something that will waste your entire day, and it is easily found online on sites like YouTube to watch for free, so for fans of vintage films and TV, I recommend checking it out, just for the nostalgia factor.

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