Media A-Z – #Daguerreotype (#Selfie Parody) (2014)

Director: Lauren Ireland

Writer: Sudi Green

Stars: Sudi Green, Lauren Ireland

RATING: 3 Stars

This is only going to be a quick one as we are essentially reviewing what is undoubtfully a YouTube video. All my trips down the IMDB rabbit hole can’t be winners. I am unsure exactly how you get a YouTube video to count as content to be catalogued on IMDB, but anyways, this is beyond the point.

As someone who enjoys taking the piss out of #selfie culture as much as these girls clearly do, I could definitely get behind the humour in this video. Apparently even people who had just discovered the mechanics behind photography still loved to sit and have their photos taken for everyone to see. It’s good to know that as a species we have always been this narcissistic and that it wasn’t the invention of camera phones that made us this way, it just made it worse, and more accessible.

The music is great, and a bit of an ear worm if I’m honest, still humming the tune as I write this. And the costumes are a sight to behold. I loved the humorous commentary on the old photos and kinescope video as well.

Is this something that I recommend you watch? No, there are a million YouTube videos out there like this, it’s nothing special, and like I said, not sure how or why it is included in the IMDB library. But did it entertain me for two minutes, oh yes, it certainly did. I have included the original video above if you want to check it out for yourselves.

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