#DemocraciaReal (Short 2013)

Director: Chedey Reyes

Writer: Paco Sánchez

Stars: Rosa Escrig, Marina Gómez, Maykol Hernández

RATING: 2 Stars

Gathered in a park, an assembly of five persons belonging to Social Movement 15M is an insurmountable obstacle to democracy. Is everybody ready to vote? Don’t worry, you will NOT find the answer in this short film. – IMDB

A Quick Fire review tonight as I am currently cozying up to watch the Bake-Off final, but I just watched a Spanish short indie film for 2013 called #RealDemocracy, and I have no idea what the hell I just saw.

It was clearly low budget and filmed randomly at a park, in public, with very amateur actors. But none of those things really make it a bad film. In it’s heart this isn’t a bad film, it’s just completely directionless and plotless and kind of unnecessarily vulgar.

The group are part of a society and are voting for something, but we never find out what, or how important it is. Though the pressure put n the voters would make it appear important. Several things happen to hamper the voting process and in the end no conclusion is ever reached. And in a nutshell that is everything that happens in this film. Aside from the copious amount of scratching which I assume was meant to add humour but didn’t really manage it.

Some of these random finds on IMDB are winners, but this one was far from that and I am happy to never think of this one again.

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