Hawkeye (2021) Episodes 1 & 2

Director: Rhys Thomas

Writers: Tanner Bean, Jonathan Igla, Katrina Mathewson

Stars: Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Tony Dalton

RATING: 4 Stars

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Archer Kate Bishop lands in the middle of a criminal conspiracy, forcing Hawkeye out of retirement, and forcing to face his past as the Ronin during the ‘Blip.’ – IMDB

After my very mixed feelings on What if…? and my not entirely enthusiastic welcome to The Eternals, I was ready for my love of the MCU to return full force in anticipation for Spiderman in three weeks. And I think this show is going to do it.

Clint Barton’s dry, sarcastic humour has always been one of my favourite things about the character. We don’t see it often, but when it does come out, it is always one of the best one-liners in the film. Now I get that humour for a good five hours worth of story telling and I could not be happier about it. A bit like Natasha, it’s time that Clint got his own story, a chance to show who he is as a person and gain some character growth. Already in these two episodes we have seen how he is struggling with Nat’s death, even two years after the events of Endgame. We see how he continues to struggle balancing his superhero life and his family life, and we will definitely see him grow more over the next four episodes.

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Opposite him, newcomer Hailee Seinfeld is absolutely fantastic. Kate has an almost childish enthusiasm for all things superhero, but that the same time is able to totally kick the butt of whatever guy she is up against, all without the aid of superpowers. She is obviously also struggling with her won family issues as well, so these two are going to make a great pair, and I think the dynamic between them is going to be great.

We only have the bare bones of a storyline at the moment, but I like what we are seeing. The mystery element is something new for the universe and I can’t wait to see where this basic beginning is going to take us. It reminds me a bit of the domestic terrorism type storyline we had in Falcon and Winter Soldier, so we will have to see where it goes. These small sounding villainous plots are never the full story, it’s going to get crazy at some point.

Welcome to the MCU Kate Bishop, check out the first two episodes of Marvel Studios Hawkeye, streaming on Disney Plus now!

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