The Retro TV Times: Tom and Jerry: Little Quacker (1950)

Certificate: U

Director: Joseph Barbera, William Hanna

Writer: Joseph Barbera, William Hanna

Starring: William Hanna(voice), Red Coffey(voice)

Genre: Short, Comedy, Animation

Runtime: 7 Minutes

Language: English

Rating: 4 Stars

Tom steals an egg from a mother’s nest, cracks it over a frying pan and then discovers he can have roast duck. But the uncooperative hatchling runs away from the cat and into a mouse hole, where he finds an able protector in Jerry. – IMDB

One of my favourite things about trawling through old titles, is that I get to rewatch some of my favourites unexpectedly.  I had no idea that this cartoon, one of my personal favourites, and a real classic in the archive of Tom and Jerry, was this old. 

It sticks to the classic formula, lots of running around, and a lot of Tom getting himself into all kinds of painful situations.  Getting his tail chopped off, getting hit with a mallet, hit by a telegraph pole, run over by a lawn mower and blown up with dynamite are just some of the gags.  Did people in the 50s really have access to the amount of dynamite that cartoons lead us to believe was just lying around at this time?  Seems…excessive.

I liked the idea of the whole duck family at the end, that did make me chuckle, there was no mention or sight of a daddy duck until violence needed to be dished out, then there he was in all his tattooed glory.  Compared to a lot of cartoons, Looney Tunes in particular, this has aged pretty well, with little to no offensive or outdated jokes.  Which probably explains why it is so readily still shown to children today.

Some things are just timeless, and I think Tom and Jerry is one of those things, easily found online to watch I eagerly encourage you to check this one, and a few more Tom and Jerry cartoon out, if only for the nostalgia of it all.

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