The Retro TV Times: Suspense S2 Ep E19 – The Bomber Command

Certificate: NA

Director: Robert Stevens

Screenwriter: Halsted Welles, Robert Stevens(from an idea by)

Starring: George Reeves, Susan Douglas Rubes, Joseph Holland

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Runtime: 28 Minutes

Language: English

Rating: 2 Stars

Former bomber pilot D.P. Bradford and his wife Zita host a reunion for D.P.’s World War II crew. In the midst of the celebration, the Bradfords’s daughter Susan is kidnapped and held for ransom by a mysterious German. The bomber crew joins forces to track down and rescue the little girl. – From IMDB

This episode of Suspense displays all of the difficulties with the Live Television method they had back in the fifties.  There are multiple mistakes, line fumbles and other goofs throughout that make the whole thing come off kind of amateurish.  And some of the acting here is absolutely abysmal, though I always choose to find terrible acting a humorous experience rather than an off-putting one.

The story has good bare bones, and with a bit more polish could have been fairly decent.  But the writing was pretty terrible.   The over acting going on meant that the parts of the story that were meant to be impactful and suspenseful, came off as humorous because I was too busy laughing at the performances to appreciate the events going on in the story.  The logical leaps in the narrative are laughable, and while I’m sure the story is meant to have some kind of moral about friendship and love, I wasn’t really able to locate it under the terrible writing.

This was a no from me, but from what I have read there are vastly better episodes of this show so, here’s hoping I find some of those.

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