The Retro TV Times: The Lone Ranger Ep1.18: Outlaw Town

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Jim Andrews holds up the Wells Fargo office and steals a specific amount of money ($5,000). He needs the money to enter “Outlaw Town” a safe haven for outlaws who can pay the equivalent of the price on their head. The Lone Ranger decides to infiltrate the town and find out who is behind the operation. Along the way the Lone Ranger discovers Jim Andrews’s real motives for his actions. – From IMDB

Even in a Western, where people are shooting at each other left right and centre, and people are threatened with hanging every ten minutes, we still have to end with a wholesome and happy ending. God I love the television of the fifties.

These episodes though are far from some of my favourite of the era. Westerns I expect to be exciting, filled with action and suspense, which we will get in the films of the late Fifties and sixties. At this point though the stories are too simple, the writing far, far too clunky and it always wraps up too conveniently and quickly.

I love the concept of this episode though. The idea of an ‘Outlaw Town’ a concept that creeps up in Westerns all the time is a really interesting one. So is the idea of the outlaw with honourable intentions. But sadly the short length of the episodes, and the less than stellar writing means that neither are really explored in the way that they could have been. There is never any real threat to the Lone Ranger, we know that things will always turn out OK for him in the end, so that really rids us of any suspense that there might be. Fifties TV was too wholesome to put our lead character in any kind of real danger.

Sadly I was mostly just bored for the duration of this episode.


See the source image

  • Director
    • George Archainbaud
  • Writers
    • George W. Trendle
    • Polly James(screenplay)
    • Fran Striker(from the radio program edited by)
  • Stars
    • Clayton Moore
    • Jay Silverheels
    • John Eldredge

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