Retro TV Times: Tom and Jerry – Saturday Evening Puss (1950)

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When the lady of the house goes to her weekly Saturday evening Bridge club with the girls, Tom invites some of his friends over for a dance party. Jerry, who is just trying to get some sleep, does everything he can to get them to be quiet, until he finally gets the owner to come home and interrupt the party.

I love that you always know what you are going to get with a Tom and Jerry cartoon. All of Hanna-Barbera’s extensive list of animated series are timeless and so lovable and take me right back to my childhood. But there is something so simple and endearing about Tom and Jerry. They can tell a quick, concise story in a matter of five minutes, with neither of the main characters really talking, so you can’t rely on the humorous banter like you do in the Looney Tunes. Instead all the humour has to be visual.

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Who knew there could be so many ways to cause pain to another person, and yet still make the slapstick, physical humour funny. My favourite addition to this episode, as always when she is present is Mammy Two Shoes. Her representation is far from the best, and she is terribly stereotypically written for a woman with very few lines and of whom we never see her face. But she is easily the best part of this cartoon. Getting herself all gussied up in the beginning and barging in to break up the party at the end. She is one of my favourite characters in the cartoons, they would be the same without her. I like that the small rabble of friends Tom has are recurring too. We see them, especially the black one and the little, fat one, multiple times over the years, so it’s a nice nod to continuity.

The sound design in this one though is less than desirable. I don’t know if the idea was for us too find the music as annoying as Jerry does, but my god, I wouldn’t want to listen to that senseless noise anymore than he does. As the characters mostly don’t speak, that is really the only sound going on, so thank god this cartoon is only 5 minutes long, coz it gets irritating quickly.

Final Rating: 3.5 Stars

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