Time Travel 1931: Little Rascals – Helping Grandma

Just a quick little 20 minute short today, and it’s one of the many Little Rascals stories.The kids’ adopted grandma decides to sell her store, but can’t decide whom to sell it to. The kids try to help her out. – From IMDB

See the source image

Child actors can be massively hit or miss, and while there have been some great shorts made with this cast, the acting in this one seems a lot worse than in previous films, from both the kids and the adults. I don’t know if it is because it is the younger kids that really take the centre stage here. They really were very young at the time of filming, and therefore it would have been impossible to get real, reliable, genuine performances out of them. And it shows. The older, more competent kids are missing for the most important part of the film, so play a much smaller role than usual.

The story itself isn’t bad, and there is some great comedy and even a little suspense in there to keep it interesting. But the script and the dodgier than usual performances make this one a bit of a dud.


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