Retro TV Times: Suspense S2.20 – Summer Storm (1950)

A father and son moving out of a boarding house get into a tussle with the sleazy landlord who promptly drops dead on the floor. Since the father has a past record, the two hide in the attic while the police investigate, waiting to make their escape. – From IMDB

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Early TV was made on a stupidly small budget, like really ridiculously small. So when you decide to check out these kinds of things you have to cut it a little slack. The sets are going to be bad, walls will shake when dorrs are closed too hard, kinda bad. And the sound quality is usually terrible because they either didn’t have or couldn’t afford the proper equipment to make it sound good. So these elements of this show I can forgive. And I have liked previous episodes of this show before. But the lazy and senseless writing in this one made this story boring, and eye-rollingly bad.

We start of pretty promisingly, the father and son want to leave their boarding house, and the landlord wont let them, an argument and a struggle ensues, then the landlord drops down dead. Now this is usually where the suspense part would kick in. But instead the characters make some really weird and questionable decisions, that make no sense and show off the bad writing. Not only does the idea to hide in the attic make no sense, but the ending of the episode is very flat and anticlimactic, meaning we sat through the nonsense writing for no reason.

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The writing really is a shame as there are some great performances in this episode, particularly from Jack Diamond as the young Jimmy Hunt. With better writing this one could have been really good. A murder mystery is always a good way to ramp up some tension. But sadly I was just bore for most of it.


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