Time Machine: Yukon Flight (1940) Film Review

When the plane owned by the “Yukon and Columbia Mail Service” crashes, RCMP Sergeant Renfrew (James Newill) and Constable Kelly (Dave O’Brien) suspect murder. Their suspicions are confirmed when Renfrew finds the control stick has been jammed, forcing the plane to fly in one direction until the gas ran out. Mine owner Louise Howard (Louise Stanley) reports that her superintendent is missing. The Mounties find him murdered and that too has been made to look like an accident. They find proof that all the gold from the mine isn’t being turned over to Louise, and suspect that Raymond and Yuke are stealing the gold and shipping it to Seattle by plane. Renfrew sets a trap and Yuke and Raymond try to escape in their plane. – From IMDB

I’ve watched some sketchy stuff in my time writing this blog. But man oh man rarely have I seen or heard acting as bad as I saw here. The ‘Help! Help! They are Murdering me!” uttered by the pilot at the beginning of the film was so bad it was laughable, literally I laughed out loud at how bad that line delivery was. And it really didn’t improve from there.

This was just unbearably cringey and over the top camp the whole way through. There were so many sexist and gender deprecating jokes here that I was astounded, even for the 40s. On top for the poorly delivered lines i mentioned above there was some shockingly unrealistic crying and, my personal favourite, fake owl calls. Like not even real owl calls dubbed over the top of an image of an owl. This was an owl that when it opened it’s mouth, the sound of a human going “Hooo” came out. That was the point that I gave up trying to find redeeming qualities for this film.

The actual crime/mystery plot would have been pretty promising had it been given the time and writing it needed to flourish into something decent and entertaining. The general idea was pretty good, but it got too bogged down by the bumbling shenanigans I suppose were there to add humour. And the couple of random songs thrown in there, that made no sense thematically and seemed to literally come out of nowhere.

This one is buried pretty deep in the IMDB catalogue, so I don’t know why you would, but if you do come across it, do yourself a favour and skip it in favour of something more fun, like a root canal.


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