A Couple of Looney Tunes (1955)

A Hitch in Time

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Resigning Air Force pilot John McRogers looks forward to a lucrative future as a civilian, and he is joined by Grogan, a gremlin, who, like McRogers, has decided to leave the military. The two compare the different wages, job prospects, and retirement benefits of military men and civilians and decide to re-enlist. – From IMDB

This is a classic case of Military propaganda, designed to encourage young men to stay enlisted. I have seen several such cartoons in my time, I am a huge fan of cartoon shorts, and this isn’t one of the better ones. It lacks any kind of humour at all really, in exchange for dishing out a bunch of fact about reenlistment. They could have at least tried to make it funny. But they are clearly more interested in getting their point across, and in the most heavy handed way possible.

Also there is no way in a propaganda cartoon like this that we can’t all guess the ending. Of course he reenlists. Otherwise the whole thing would be a waste of time. Overall not a strong one for Warner Brothers, and not one of my favourite cartoons from the era either. You can check it out below.

Final Rating: 2.5 Stars

Pizzicato Pussycat

Mr. and Mrs. Jones hear a piano being played in their living room. They automatically assume it is their cat who is making the music, when in fact, the talented one is a mouse whom the cat has forced into being his stooge to make him famous. The cat is showered with media attention and set to play at Carnegie Hall, where he hopes nobody will notice that he is pantomiming the movements with the keys while the mouse is playing his miniature piano inside the full-scale model. – From IMDB

Another great example here of Looney Tunes making fantastic use of music. They certainly know how to incorporate already known songs into their shorts, and they always tend to be some of my favourites. With ‘What’s Opera Doc?’ being possibly my favourite animated short of all time. And while this short does a great job with the music, it isn’t necessarily a favourite, but it is certainly watchable, if only once.

One of the few times that the two main characters in a cartoon aren’t out to get each other, the cat and mouse form an alliance that while it doesn’t end happily, is still a nice little ending to the cartoon. This one has an unusual animation style for a Merrie Melodies. There are a few that were made in this style, and it certainly stands out against their more traditional style used for their classic characters like Bugs Bunny or Porky Pig.

Not a bad one, and one that I would happily rewatch.

Final Rating: 3 Stars

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