Retro TV Times: The Lone Ranger 1×19 – Greed For Gold (1950)

The Lone Ranger stumbles on the murder the sheriff Gilbert at the Lady Luck gold mine. Investigating the Lone Ranger finds the owner of the mine has also been killed. The Lone Ranger discovers an important clue, and uses the mine foreman, Dusty Duncan as bait to draw out the killers – From IMDB

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After a bit of a dip last episode where I was painfully bored the entire time, I am back to being pleasantly entertained by this show. Sure it isn’t great, and the acting is still pretty bad, but the story this time around was much more entertaining, and I was at least mildly absorbed into what was going on.

If I thought that the characters were jokingly Western archetypes before, this episode cranked that up to an eleven. Everyone here was a larger than life stereotype of the character they were meant to play, especially poor old Dusty, that was a Western prospector right out of Scooby Doo, really entertaining, but hard to take as lifelike.

The writing still likes to treat it’s audience like it’s stupid, playing out overheard conversations that tell you EXACTLY what is going on and why, not leaving anything to the imagination of the viewer. And a lot of the logical leaps made by the ranger are done so on little to no evidence, he’s just that smart.

But these idiosyncrasies aside, the murder mystery element of this story was engaging and interesting. I genuinely wanted to know what was going on. Yes it played out very simplistically and predictably, but they did try to throw a few red herrings our way, even if they were explained away very quickly. Simplistic, but entertaining enough for twenty minutes.

Final Rating: 3 Stars

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