Time Travel 1970s: Smashing the Crime Syndicate (1970)

A government agent tries to break a Neo-Fascist group in California, but there are spies everywhere, and he can’t trust anyone. – From IMDB

Not all random discoveries can be winners. This one had a measly 3.8 rating on IMDB so I wasn’t exactly expecting miracles, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as bad as it was. I am also confused about the title of the film, as it’s other title, “Hells Bloody Angels” seems to be a totally different film, with an entirely different cast, and I think I ended up watching the duller, less B-Movie version.

It’s trying for a ‘Film Noir’ feeling. We get good chunks of narration from our harried detective. There’s a gang element, femme fatale, all that jazz. But the setting is too bright, sunny and cheerful to be able to fully pull of the feeling. No misty streets or hushed conversations by streetlights, so the atmosphere is all wrong for the angle they are going for.

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The writing is pretty horrendous, with some of the dialogue being so cringey. It’s films like this that give seventies films a bad reputation for writing. And also for sexual exploitation. Constantly putting a supposedly sixteen year old girl (though there is no way the actress is really sixteen), in revealing clothes and postures, and have her seducing a man twice her age is just in poor taste, I don’t care how old this film is.

I genuinely lost track of the plot half-way through, that’s how much it kept me entertained. I couldn’t care about what was going on, I didn’t like any of the characters, and the betrayal at the end didn’t leave any kind of impact at all.

It is the seventies, so visually this film looks pretty awesome, if like me you are a fan of the fashion and aesthetic of the time. The film might be awful, but they didn’t skimp on the glorious clothes, hair styles or set dressings. It was a feast for me retro loving eyes. Sadly this was my favourite thing about the film though.

This could be an OK, one time watch if like me, you get some sick enjoyment out of watching bad movies, but it will only be a one time watch, and nothing about it has even remotely stuck with me. I am struggling to remember enough about it to write this review. For the love of god, just skip this one.

Final Rating: 1.5 Stars

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