The House (2022) Netflix Review

Across different eras, a poor family, an anxious developer and a fed-up landlady become tied to the same mysterious house in this animated dark comedy. – From IMDB

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Don’t let the stop motion animation and talking animals fool you, this is not a film for kids. Not only is the darker tone more suitable for adults, but despite how beautiful it is to watch, the pace would also probably be too slow for the little ones to really enjoy this excellent animated offering from Netflix.

The story follows 3 different timelines, and 3 different groups of people, all bound together by this one house. The first and probably my favourite is the story of a poor family, given the opportunity to move to a bigger house for free, and the effects that this has on them. It is easily the darkest in tone of the three and parts of it are actually quite eerie and unsettling. The lighting and music also add to the unsettling aura. The second story, though not so overall dark in tone does have some of the most unsettling visuals of the whole film, but maybe that’s because it depicts things that I myself find to be creepy? So this may be a subjective thing.

The third story is a lot more character focussed than the previous two, and we all know by now that I am not a character driver person, I am a plot driven viewer, so this was my least favourite of the three stories. This is the one that made me feel the films length. Don’t get me wrong it was still beautiful to watch, but I cared a lot les about this story then the others as it was a lot slower in pace.

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Each story is directed by a different director, so each feels very unique. But the constant slightly unsettling feeling, and the house setting link them all together well. The felt and fabric characters should make this film feel whimsical or even childlike, but the directors have done a great job of making sure the adult tone of the film comes through buy dealing with some very adult themes.

While the slower pace does mean that the film at times does feel a little long, with each story only having thirty minutes to fill, the first two, arguable the most interesting to me, did feel like they could have done with longer. I think the stories would have benefitted from being fleshed out a little more, and really leaning into the horror elements building up more tension and dread. As they are they are still pretty good though, if a little underdeveloped in places.

I would recommend checking this one out if you can.

Final Rating: 3.5 Stars

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